Havelock North Squash Club 

Lipscombe Crescent
PO Box 8404
Havelock North



Matt RogersPresident027 522 719
Kate McPeakeTreasurer021 138 3102
Kim O’GormanSecretary021 468 699
Gay  MonteithCommittee (physio)
Andrea HewittCommittee (New Members and  Juniors)021 0230 5787
Jena GregoryCommittee (Coach and Juniors)022 054 1093
Ray ChingCommittee
Dan FriddCommittee
Dean RemihanaOnline Booking and Pay2Play027 446
Kim O’GormanCommittee (Ladies Interclub)021 468 699
Jack CornesCommittee
Gary DickinsonCommittee (Bar Manager, Club repairs and maintenance)
Henry WittersCommittee